Censo Basics

What is a seed phrase?

A seed phrase (also known as a secret recovery phrase) is a sequence of 12-24 random words that are created when you first open a crypto wallet. Think of it as a master key that serves as a backup and gives you access to your crypto. A bit like a secret pin gives you access to money in your bank account.

Why is a seed phrase important?

If you lose your seed phrase, you lose your crypto. Seed phrases can be lost, damaged, or even stolen. In fact, over $100 Billion in crypto has been lost due to lost seed phrases. They are also the cause of a lot of anxiety. That’s why they must be handled with great care and properly secured.

What does the Censo Seed Phrase Manager do?

Censo is the only Seed Phrase Manager out there. It allows you to securely manage, store, and access your seed phrases, eliminating the stress associated with safekeeping seed phrases.

How does Censo work?

Censo securely manages your seed phrase by splitting, encrypting (secretly coding it so it can’t be read by anyone), and distributing it amongst those closest and chosen by you. This way, it provides security through safety in numbers.

Why should I use Censo?

Keeping seed phrases safe can take a real toll on you – it can be both emotionally and financially draining. Using Censo helps ensure you’ll have a higher level of security and hopefully, a much lower level of stress in your life.

What are the risks of existing seed phrase storage methods?

Whether you’ve scribbled it on a piece of paper, stored it on the cloud, stamped it in metal plates, or stashed it under grandma’s mattress, these methods are plagued with vulnerabilities and prone to loss, theft, hacks, and damage. Largely, these means are highly insecure and unreliable.

What makes Censo unique?

Censo not only provides the most robust level of seed phrase security around, but it also protects your privacy, puts you in complete charge, and ensures your independence. So, you’ll never have to worry about losing access to your crypto ever again.

Can I use Censo if I have more than one seed phrase and with any wallet?

Yes. You can have multiple seed phrases secured with Censo. And it can be used with any wallet that uses a seed phrase (most wallets do). This includes hardware wallets, web wallets, and mobile wallets.

Can I use Censo alongside my current methods of storing my seed phrase?

Yes, if you prefer. This will give you an additional level of security on top of your own methods.

Is my identity private with Censo?

Yes. Censo guarantees your privacy. No personal data is ever collected to use Censo like passports, driver's licenses, email, or mobile numbers. Your identity always remains totally private and anonymous.

Who has access to my seed phrase when stored in Censo?

No one. Neither Censo nor any other party, including your trusted approvers, or a government agency can access your seed phrase. Only you can.

Can I use Censo for free?

Yes, Censo offers a 7-day free trial period. It is then $2 per month thereafter.

Where can I get Censo?

Censo is a mobile app available for download in the App Store and Google Play.

What type of customer support does Censo provide, can I reach a real person?

Support is provided via the Censo Help Center. help.censo.co

Is Censo the same as a crypto wallet?

No. Censo is not a wallet. It is a Seed Phrase Manager, a safe place where your crypto is kept. It backs up your seed phrase in case you ever need it one day to access your wallet.

Getting Started

What do I need to be able to use Censo?

It’s easy. All you need is a mobile phone and your seed phrase at hand.

How do I get started with Censo?

Download the Censo app from the App Store or Google Play and follow the instructions.

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=co.censo.censo

iPhone: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/censo/id6470887140

Do I need to share any personal information with Censo?

No. Rest assured, your privacy will always remain intact. Censo is never privy to any of your private data – no email, no nothing.

Who and what are trusted approvers - do I need approvers to use Censo?

Trusted approvers are people you trust most in the world such as a loved one (family or close friends), that you choose to hold a portion of your encrypted seed phrase (a secretly coded portion). Having them gives you an added layer of security. But this is not mandatory.

How do I simply explain Censo to my trusted approver who may not understand crypto?

Tell them that they are your trusted back up for your secret seed phrase in case you ever lose it, so that you can easily access your crypto one day when you need it most. Tell them that this secret is shared by them and you (and possibly another of your trusted approvers). Assure them that they are not fully responsible for it nor are they required to do anything special. You just set it and forget it, and hopefully will never have to bother them to retrieve your seed phrase.

Do my trusted approvers need to know crypto to use Censo?

No. All trusted approvers need to do is accept your request and follow a few simple steps. Crypto know-how is not needed. If they know how to use a smart phone, they’ll know how to be your trusted approver with Censo.

What is the Censo Approver App, is it required?

Yes. Trusted approvers need to download the Censo Approver App. They are there to help ensure that only you can access your seed phrase(s).

Will my trusted approvers have access to my seed phrase?

No. Your chosen trusted approvers will not have access to your seed phrase – not a single word. They will only safekeep a portion of your seed phrase that is encrypted, which will remain unreadable – jumbled up. Only you have access and can request that portion back from your trusted approver if you ever need it one day.

Can I update my set of trusted approvers later?

Yes. Though this must still be carefully considered when first setting up. As a guide, think of the following: 1) whether you even want an approver, 2) if you do, who you want to be your trusted approver, and 3) whether you want one or two trusted approvers. These are important decisions you must think about during your initial set up. Of course, you’ll have an option to edit and change this when you so wish.

Management & Access

How can I access and retrieve my seed phrase with Censo?

Easy as pie. Here’s how: 1) Sign in to your Censo App and tap on the ‘My Phrases’ tab, 2) Select ‘Access’, 3.) If using Trusted Approvers, select an approver and get their approval. And that’s it.

Can I edit/update the seed phrases stored in Censo?

Yes, you can add or remove seed phrases any time. Remember, you’re in charge.

How many seed phrases can I store in Censo?

You can store as many seed phrases as you need to. Censo can easily support all of your wallets at the same time.

Security, Privacy & Data Management

What makes Censo secure so secure?

Your seed phrase is split and encrypted (secretly coded to an unreadable format). These portions of your seed phrase, which are distributed to your trusted approvers, are of no use on their own. However, at your request, and yours alone, they can be recombined securely to your whole seed phrase. Remember, no one, including your trusted approvers and Censo, can access nor read any part of your seed phrase – not even a single word.

Can I delete the Censo App after setting it up?

Yes, you can. If at any time you need to access and retrieve your seed phrase, just reinstall it. This may appeal to anyone who wishes to keep their crypto activities private.

Who has access to my seed phrase?

No one. Just you.

Can I delete my data from the Censo app?

Yes, you can do so at any time. However, if you delete your data, you will no longer be able to access the seed phrase(s) you entered in the past.

Can Censo employees access my seed phrase?

Absolutely not. Only you can access your seed phrase. It is impossible for Censo or any other third party, or your trusted approvers for that matter, to access your seed phrase.

What data does Censo store, if any?

Censo only holds an encrypted, unreadable version of your seed phrase to help you in certain situations like switching mobile devices. As mentioned, Censo does not nor ever will, store any personal identifying information of yours whatsoever.

Have there been security audits of Censo?

Yes, in fact Censo is currently being audited and reviewed by security experts. Audit reports can be found at Censo’s GitHub: https://github.com/censo-inc

Is Censo private?

Yes. you are completely private on Censo. Censo does not collect any private information: No email, no mobile, no password, no personally identifying information such as a driver’s license or passport. Nothing.

Can a 3rd party, Censo or even a government authority interfere and seize my crypto?

Censo is completely committed to respecting and ensuring your privacy and independence. Because no personal identifying information is ever collected from you, your identity always remains anonymous – to anyone and everyone, including Censo. So as Censo has no idea who you are, no one else will either – even in the unlikely event of a government body wanting to censor you and take your seed phrase, it would be impossible for Censo to disclose any information about you and assist them because we simply don’t have any. This makes using Censo ‘Censorship Resistant’, so no one can interfere or access your crypto. Only you.

How do you ensure my data isn’t shared with third parties or used for marketing purposes?

Censo has no data on you to share with third parties, so this would be impossible.

Where does my seed phrase get encrypted?

All encryption takes place in your mobile device, using proven cryptographic methods. Cryptography is like a secret code that keeps sensitive information safe. Here, it converts seed phrases into a jumbled-up form that is practically impossible to unscramble.

How does Censo keep my data safe?

You are completely anonymous to Censo. And all your data is encrypted (jumbled up or scrambled). Only you can access and control its decryption (unscrambling).

Where does Censo store its data?

We have no user data. Censo only stores a fully encrypted (unreadable, jumbled-up) copy of your seed phrase that cannot be unencrypted without your explicit consent and that of your trusted approvers. This data is stored using major cloud providers with the utmost security measures in place and are proven to last for extraordinary lengths of time. So, if you wanted to access your seed phrase after many years, it would still be there and available to you.

Can I delete my seed phrase data from Censo?

Yes, you can delete your data from the Censo App at any time. However, in doing so you will no longer be able to access the seed phrase you inputted in the past.

Is Censo Open Source?

Yes, Censo is open source and audited. This means that Censo does not hide any of its software code. It is fully transparent and is available for anyone to check out. The code and audit reports can be found here: https://github.com/censo-inc

What happens if Censo is hacked?

Censo holds no personal information nor unencrypted material. In the unlikely event that Censo was hacked, your security would not be compromised. Ever.

How do Apple/Google ID, face scan, and other trusted approvers work together to protect my seed phrase?

Access to your seed phrase(s) are protected with multiple layers of authentication that ensures only you have access and control of your seed phrase(s). Censo is rigorously built with multiple check points in place.

How do you ensure the face scan technology is secure and cannot be tricked with photos or videos?

Censo uses a special facial recognition technology that includes a liveness test that cannot be tricked with photos or videos. This, combined with other factors of authentication including your Apple or Google ID and your trusted approvers, ensures that you are who you say you are, giving you sole control of your seed phrase.

Is there a difference between using Censo on iOS or Android?

We take your privacy and security seriously on both iOS and Android platforms. When using Censo on iOS and signing in with an Apple ID, your identity remains completely private and anonymous. This is thanks to Apple's unique approach to user and app-specific identifiers, which effectively shields your personal information.

On Android, we employ rigorous cryptographic measures to ensure your anonymity. Although Google uses globally unique identifiers, our robust security protocols on Android are designed to protect your identity. While it's theoretically possible, albeit extremely unlikely, for bad actors to attempt de-anonymization, such scenarios are rare and not specific to Censo's app. In the unlikely event of such a situation, rest assured that your seed phrase and core data remain secure and under your control.

We are constantly exploring ways to enhance user experience and preserve anonymity and privacy. Therefore, we plan to introduce additional login options for Android users in the future. This is part of our ongoing commitment to provide you with a secure and private experience, regardless of your device choice.

Issues & Troubleshooting

What happens if I get locked out?

You will only get locked out of the app if you lose access to one of your authentication factors and do not have two trusted approvers. Basically, two is better than one. And one is better than none.

Adding a first approver ensures that your seed phrase is split into two fragments and encrypted for more security.

Adding a second approver ensures access to your seed phrase even if the first approver is unavailable.

These additional safety nets ensure that you can access your seed phrase in the event you lose access to your Apple or Google account, or your biometry fails.

What happens if I lose my phone or switch devices?

No problem. Syncing your new device just involves downloading the Censo app and signing in.

What happens if something terrible happens like I die or am incapacitated? How can my family get access?

Stay tuned for Censo’s upcoming legacy/multi-owner product for ensuring your crypto access can be seamlessly passed on to your loved ones.

What’s the process for getting support or help with the application?

Please consult Censo’s help center listed on its website and its social channels.

What if I lose access to my Apple ID/Google ID?

If you lose access to your Apple ID or Google ID, you can restore your full access as long as you have two trusted approvers set up.

What if my face scan is not working?

If you are having issues with your 3D face, make sure you are in a well lit area, avoid any glare, take off any sunglasses or a hat etc.

What happens if I switch between an iOS and Android device?

No problem. Censo is compatible with both iPhone and Android. So, if you do switch mobile platforms, you will just have to reestablish your setup with Censo.

What happens if I lose access to my Apple ID/ Google ID and my biometrics do not work?

If you do not have any approvers (you are the sole approver), or you only have one trusted approver, you will will not be able to access your seed phrase on Censo if you lost your Apple/ Google ID. However, if you have two approvers, you can access and retrieve your seed phrase with a new Apple or Google ID.

Other Questions & Concerns

How do you handle updates and potential security vulnerabilities?

Censo is continuously updated, and its security constantly reviewed. In the exceedingly unlikely event a critical security vulnerability was discovered, you would be notified with a push notification to update your Censo App immediately. Censo would also communicate this message on its social channels.

What do other users say about your application?

At Censo, we conducted a lot of market research with customers to pressure test and validate the effectiveness of the Censo App. We also ran a Beta (pilot program). In general, Censo was very well received and welcomed. This is just one customer’s response: “Censo gives me peace of mind because it’s an additional level of security that I didn’t even know existed.” Kam Jandu, CEO Budapest airport.

Can I use Censo for other digital records that are not seed phrases?

Not currently. Censo is committed to staying focused on the most pressing issue in crypto -- seed phrase security.

How can I request a feature or provide feedback to Censo?

Please visit our website or reach out to us on our social media channels – X (formerly known as Twitter) or LinkedIn.

How is Censo different from Ledger Recover?

Censo is unlike Ledger Recover in several ways. Here’s how: 1) Censo is completely private and does not collect any personal information from you. 2) Censo allows you to choose those closest to you to be your trusted approvers and not 3rd parties. 3) Censo ensures that a government nor any other third party can ever seize or access your crypto. 4) Censo can be used with any wallet, not just Ledger.

Pricing & Payments

How much does Censo cost?

Censo offers a free 7-days trial. It is around $2 a month thereafter.

How can I pay for Censo?

Just like any other app, you can make a direct in-app purchase in the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Can I pay for Censo with crypto?

Not currently.

What happens to my seed phrase if I stop paying for Censo?

If you stop paying, you will not be able to access your seed phrase. And after a certain grace period, your seed phrase will be automatically deleted. However, if you choose to discontinue using/ paying for Censo, you can also delete your seed phrase first.

About Censo

Who is the team behind Censo and what is their track record?

Censo’s team is rooted in deep technological and capital markets know-how. Collectively, their experience in designing innovative products that meet and answer their customer needs and pain points is where they thrive – to ultimately make a meaningful difference. Censo’s team hails from all corners of the globe – from the US to Europe to Asia. It is comprised of software engineers, mechanical engineers, computer scientists, cryptographers, designers, and experts from the world of finance.

Can the team behind Censo run away with my seed phrase?

Absolutely not. This is impossible. Only you can access your seed phrase. No one else.

How does Censo make money?

Censo is dedicated to the privacy and sovereignty of its users. As a result, it doesn’t do things like selling data or information (it has none) or offering customers services or products they don’t need. The small fee that is charged for The Censo Seed Phrase Manager is its sole source of revenue.

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