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Like MPC. But different.

Breakthrough tech breaks the status quo to secure self custody for organizations.

Like MPC, Censo is a private key management solution for organizations. But unlike MPC, Censo is a truly decentralized key management and self-custody solution. It’s not just different, but it’s also more secure, sovereign, and seamless. Plus, it’s the only one of its kind out there.

Not just different, but modern.

the next generation
in private key management.

The only decentralized key management and self-custody solution for organizations.

Imagine taking MPC to a whole new level. To decentralized key management. Imagine eliminating an organization’s dependence on centralized, third-party custody providers, which can be costly, complex, and pose additional security risks.

Now, Censo affords organizations true self custody and control of their private keys. Not any one individual or third party. And it does so through its proven cryptography coupled with unique security advantages of mobile devices.

Now, imagine a whole new digital future.
Take a technical dive into what makes Censo different.
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seedless implementation

Never write down a seed phrase again.

All signers can be activated, recovered, and suspended seedlessly within minutes. Private key material is easily used but never exposed in an unencrypted form.

mission-critical disaster recovery

Never be exposed to a single point of failure again.

Even in the unlikely event your organization loses all its signers, mission-critical disaster recovery, provided by disaster recovery partners, none of which hold a complete set of private material, is always available.

hierarchical control

Never worry about who can access private material again.

Organizational administrators can assign specific roles and responsibilities to various signers and have authority to add, recover, or suspend any user at any given time. That way the signer's private material is under the control of the organization and not the individual.

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unified multi-chain and multi-approver vaults

unified multi-chain and multi-approver vaults

Manage your assets across multiple chains with granular policy management

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universal web3 access

universal web3 access

Connect and transact with any dApp via WalletConnect and human-friendly transaction simulation

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seamless signer coordination

seamless signer coordination

Receive mobile notifications and approve transactions with biometric authentication

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free set up in 3 simple steps

1. set up

Download the Censo Security App to sign up and set up your organization

2. invite

Add members of your organization by email invitation

3. create

Create a new multi-chain vault to access web3

Note: Once activated, you always have the flexibility to further customize and configure your organizational structure to manage users, access controls, and recovery settings.

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a diverse set of
use cases

Censo will back you up no matter who you are. No matter how big or small your organization is. And, no matter how complex it may be. All because, it's specially designed with all organizations in mind.

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Hedge Funds

Assign users and signers to different levels of authorities and privileges, and customize their actions

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Provide your customers with the best and most responsive regulated custodial experience by integrating to our API

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Establish a central limit order book that interacts with Censo self-custody to cement integrity between customers and exchanges

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Web3 CFOs

Manage your organization's treasury and operating functions seamlessly and securely. Integrate with other thrid-party payment processors

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Gnosis Safe Users

Supplement your current Safe experience with organizational key management and rich access controls

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Notify DAO members on their phones when transactions are submitted and require approval

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Borrowers & Lenders

Put escrow arrangement in place to protect against counterparty risk

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DeFi Users

Access DeFi readily and directly from Censo with WalletConnect