What if the only copy of your seed phrase ended up here?

Introducing Censo.

The Seed Phrase Manager designed to keep your most precious digital records safe, so you’ll never lose access to your crypto.

It’s time for a better way.

It’s time for a seed phrase manager.

Keeping seed phrases in a safe place is the cause of much anxiety and shared by many wallet owners like you. But securely storing your seed phrase shouldn’t be your burden to bear alone.

Censo is thoughtfully designed to ease your concerns and safeguard your crypto for good. Now, you’ll never have to worry about losing access to your valuable crypto again. Or a good night’s sleep.

A breakthrough in seed phrase security.

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Secures your seed phrase.

No one will ever know your seed phrase. Censo securely splits your seed phrase amongst trusted approvers, providing security through safety in numbers. The different portions are then encrypted (or secretly coded) so no one can ever read it. Finally, they are distributed to those closest and chosen by you.

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Protects your privacy.

No personal identifying information is ever collected. Censo preserves your privacy, giving you total anonymity. No need to share a passport, driver’s license, email, or mobile number. Your trusted approvers’ identities also remain completely private.

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Empowers only you.

No one will ever be able to access or read any part of your seed phrase whatsoever–not a single word or fraction–including your trusted approvers and Censo. Only you have complete control. And only you can ever access your crypto.

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Ensures your independence.

No 3rd parties including Censo or governments can ever interfere with your access to your crypto.

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Pioneering technology at work.

Over $100 billion lost due to lost seed phrases.

Seed phrases have been lost, forgotten, misplaced, damaged, and stolen. People have been hacked, attacked, identities stolen, and funds lost.

Current seed-phrase storage methods, whether written on paper or digitally on the cloud, are plagued with vulnerabilities. They are all insecure and unreliable.

Censo gives me peace of mind because it’s an additional level of security that I didn’t even know existed.

Kam Jandu,
CEO Budapest Airport.

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The seed phrase manager that never forgets.

It’s time to end seed phrase anxiety and secure your crypto. For good.